The return of Something Fierce.

From 1983 to 1991 there was a band in Minneapolis called Something Fierce. Drawing from such classic influences as Elvis Costello, R.E.M., and the Beatles, SF made the catchy, brainy, danceable music that (their compatriot small liberal arts college grads) Fountains of Wayne was to hit it big with a decade later. They released six records in a variety of formats, and now most of them are long out of print.

But, for a number of reasons, 2009 was the year for a gigantic reissue. Culling through stacks of nearly worn out board recordings, we've put together the official complete Something Fierce set, pre-ripped to MP3, over nine hours of music (including every studio album) packaged on two data CDs with a 24-page deluxe booklet. It is available now; and can be ordered online for the very reasonable price of $39.99.

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Also available on CD.

Franklin Pierce

A Sound For Sore Ears

Satan Claus EP

Available as mp3 downloads (full CD plus cover art - 320 kbps).

Completely Unglued

Gone All Wobbly

The Everything That The Man Had


Gone All Wobbly
Common Denominator
A Man Of His Word
I Pledge Allegiance
Sports Fans
Just Like Mom Used To Make
No Horseplay Here
SWAT Team For God

Live covers 1984-1987
Day Oh!
Be True To Your School
Hawaii Five-O
Click Click
Till The End Of The Day
Killing An Arab
Lawrence of Arabia
Things We Said Today
Kum Buy Ah!
Only You And I
I'm Not Trying To Hurt You
Natural's Not in It
If I Needed Someone
Beat Crazy
To Sir With Love
Blister In The Sun
You Make Me Say It Somehow

Demo tracks 1985
Sorry Is My Middle Name
Paradise Lost And Found
The Man Who Has Everything
Freudian Slips
The Big Idea
Ground Zero
Guilty As Charged

Completely Unglued
My Hands Are Tied
The Man Who Has Everything
Reverse Psychology
Brave New Girl
Just Temperamental
Great Depression
I Just Decided To Change My Mind
Guilty As Charged
Designs On You
Delightful Pineapple Recipes
Intentional Fallacy
You Babe
To Be Or Not To Be
Love Illiterate

This Way Comes (revised)
Fashion Gimmick
The Man Who Knew Too Much
Blond Hair More
Follow That Girl
Love Me A Symphony
Goin' to a Party
Road Kill Collection
Sorry, Wrong Day
Anywhere Near You
Denim Youth
Beach Boys In Bondage
Slam Dance
Ironic Twist
Beach Bitch
I Miss You Something Fierce

Franklin Pierce
Brush With The Law
Joined At The Hip
But I Can't So I Won't
Praying For Vacations
Sorry Is My Middle Name
Deep And Meaningful
Emotional Furniture
Not Your Average Joe
The Nerve Of That Guy
Better Sad Than Dead
Chemistry Between Us
Still Born Again

Live odds and ends 1988-1991
Charles In Charge
Television Characters
My Sharona
Shower The People
Grandma's Fudge
The Girl from Ipanema
I Think I Love You
Rock And Roll
Laughingstock of the Cotillion
Gimme Some Money
Jumper Cables

Satan Claus EP
Satan Claus
I'd Go To Hell If It Were On The Way To You
Poetic Justice Thurgood
Abducted By Your Face

A Sound For Sore Ears
People With Pools
Oscillating Fan
Vegetable Guy
You're History
Mourning The Dawn
Insignificant Other
Feel Like Professor
The Big Idea
Heart Murmur


Jeff Carpenter and Dave Zicarelli:
Shut Up Mom, I'm On The Phone

I Don't Belong To You
(You Really Can't) Beat The Yen
(Isn't It) Quite The Bore
Somehow We Know
Parade Of Homes
Brand Names Make The Man
Young Scientists
Bargain Hunters
Club Louise
(That's When) The Fun Begins
Candy Man
(Let's Get) Wacky
Shakespeare Calypso
White Glove Test
Shut Up Mom, I'm On The Phone
Commander Bob

Mystery Dates: 1981
Beach Boys In Bondage
Responsible Reporting
Just Temperamental
Another Thing
I Think I Love You
I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog
Television Characters
Grinding Halt
SWAT Team For God
Beach Bitch
Gilligan's Island
Beach Fun
Love Illiterate
Welcome To The Working Week
Road Kill Collection
Mystery Dance
Food Games
I Should Have Known Better
Tough As Shit
Joke's On Me
Quit While I'm Ahead
Teddy Bear
Let's Get Wacky
Mystery Dates Theme

Gung Ho!: Son of Starlight Ball
Walk On Water
Love Illiterate
People With Pools
Just Like Mom Used To Make
Actions From Your Past
Freudian Slips
At The Club Louise
Paradise Lost and Found
Bargain Hunters
My Name Is Mud
You're Driving Me Crazy And You Don't Even Know How To Drive
Designs On You
Sugar Sugar
Billy Don't Be A Hero
That's Rock 'n' Roll
Special Caucasian
You're In Trouble
Labour For Your Love
Bowling Town
The Big Idea
Slam Dance
Put Your Brain On Novocane
SWAT Team for God
Lorelei's My Oral Hygienist
Beach Bitch